Fusion Strike Pull Rates Might Be the Worst We’ve Seen

Pokepatch Pokemon Fusion Strike Pull Rates Are Bad

Fusion Strike Pull Rates

Fusion Strike is the newest released set in the Pokémon TCG and many people are pointing out how difficult it is to pull anything rare. There have been multiple case studies done that supports evidence of this set having really bad pulls rates compared to any set we’ve seen before. @PokeTCGiveaways on Twitter posted a graphic that shows the rarest cards in Fusion Strike and their pull rates. These are very high numbers for pulling rare cards. @PokemonTCGDrops replied saying that they opened an entire booster box of 36 packs and only got 2 rares. This could be an outlier but it’s still not promising to see stats like this.

The good thing about this set is there are more than 260 cards in the set. This means you’re always pulling something different. It’s refreshing to constantly see cards you haven’t seen before even after opening a bunch of packs. There’s a lot of amazing art in this set and it’s great seeing such a variety of cards.

Compared To Other Sets

For a comparison, the rarest card in Chilling Reign was a Alternate Art Vmax Blaziken. The pull rate on this Blaziken is about 1/450. The pull rate on the Alternate Art Vmax Mew in Fusion Strike is about 1/2100. That means the rarest card in Fusion Strike is 4x harder to pull than the rarest card in Chilling Reign.

What Does This Mean?

Individual cards have extremely rare pull rates, as shown above. But pulling rares in general shouldn’t be as difficult. For example, its easier to pull any Secret Rare than it is to pull a specific secret rare card. If you like opening packs to see different cards, you can still buy Fusion Strike packs and this set will be great for you. This just means specific cards you want probably aren’t worth chasing because of how difficult they are to pull. Some people are considering buying chase cards instead of opening packs. Let us know what your chase card is below!

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