Did Stolen Pokemon Cards Affect Fusion Strike Pull Rates?

Stolen Fusion Strike Cards

A photo recently when viral on Reddit showing a table full of Rare Fusion Strike cards. This post claims that a Pokemon company production worker stole thousands of hits and rare cards off the line where cards are made and packaged. Some are calling this the largest heist of Pokemon cards ever.

Saw this on a FB group. Allegedly, printing company worker stole hits off the line and tried to offload them to a LGS.
by u/GuavaWave in PokemonTCG

Fusion Strike Pull Rates

All of these cards come from the Fusion Strike set, which has notoriously bad pull rates. This coincidence has spawned the theory that those bad pull rates were caused by this act of theft. So did this huge heist affect people’s odds of pulling rare cards in Fusion Strike packs?

News of this theft spread very quickly amongst the Pokemon community, and it turns out the Pokemon Company worked to recover these stolen cards, which confirms that these cards were real and not fake or counterfeit. As it turns out, this huge case of Pokemon card theft probably didn’t affect the terrible pull rates we saw in Fusion Strike. This is because it was noticed that they had thousands of cards missing before the set was released. The cards were then reprinted and put in the packs that were sent out to retailers. This hasn’t stopped the community from blaming the horrendous pull rates we saw in Fusion Strike on this situation but as far as we know it wasn’t at fault.

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