Why Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Doesn’t Have a National Pokedex

What is a National Pokedex? A national Pokedex is a term used to refer to all Pokemon that currently exist or known about. As of now, no single Pokemon game has ever included all Pokemon in it. It usually grabs Pokemon that match the region and leaves out a lot of others. Will Pokemon ScarletContinue reading “Why Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Doesn’t Have a National Pokedex”

Pokemon GO Daily Incense Legendary Spawns

What is Daily Incense? How does Daily Incense work? Daily Adventure Incense is a new kind of Incense in Pokemon GO that is free for everyone to use. You can only use it once per day, but it resets for everyone at midnight (12am) local time. Claim your free daily incense in the shop menuContinue reading “Pokemon GO Daily Incense Legendary Spawns”

Does Paldea Connect to Kalos in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

A recent wave of information was released about the upcoming Gen 9 Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet. Among that information was a map of the new Paldea Region. This map looks huge and may be the biggest Pokemon region we’ve seen. But some fans have noticed a detail about this map that makes people wonderContinue reading “Does Paldea Connect to Kalos in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?”

How Raid Battles Work in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have Raid Battles? Since Raid Battles were such a popular game mechanic in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it would be smart to bring raids back for Gen 9. A lot of fans have been asking will Raid Battles be in Scarlet and Violet? Short answer is yes! Instead of DynamaxContinue reading “How Raid Battles Work in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet”

What is Terastal Energy and Tera Orbs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

A new trailer of the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games released and revealed a game changing mechanic! There is something in the Paldea region known as the Terastal Phenomenon that affects Pokemon and can give you the upper hand in battler. Many fans are asking what are Tera Pokemon and how does Terastalization work?Continue reading “What is Terastal Energy and Tera Orbs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet”

The New BGS Slab vs The Old One

New BGS Label At new.beckett.com, you can see a lot of new projects BGS is working on. Out of these projects the one that has everyone’s attention is the new slab design. BGS or Beckett Grading Services grade the quality and authenticity of collectable cards like Pokemon cards and put them in a protective slab.Continue reading “The New BGS Slab vs The Old One”

How Rare Are Gold Pokemon Cards?

If you’ve been opening Pokemon cards for a while, you may have noticed there are some cards that have a golden face and texture. If you haven’t seen these or noticed them, that’s normal as these are usually very rare and sometimes expensive. However, there are different types of golden Pokemon cards and many aren’tContinue reading “How Rare Are Gold Pokemon Cards?”

What’s Inside New Pokemon Halloween BOOster Packs?

Halloween is right around the corner! This time of year, fans of the Pokemon TCG often find themselves giving out packs of Pokemon cards to kids for Halloween. It’s a healthy alternative to the sugary sweets and a way to share Pokemon hobby with the next generation. This year those fans will have another optionContinue reading “What’s Inside New Pokemon Halloween BOOster Packs?”

How to Open Pokemon Cards – Card Trick for Each Set

If you’re new to opening Pokemon card packs, you may have noticed cards are out of order in the pack. The order in which cards are not randomized, there’s a method to it. From opening the pack to revealing the cards, there are certain ways to do things that can enhance your experience and aContinue reading “How to Open Pokemon Cards – Card Trick for Each Set”

What are Secret Rare Pokemon Cards?

Usually called Rainbow Rare Pokemon Cards, these special cards are known as Secret Rares. They can be extremely rare and huge chase cards for some fans. If you’re lucky enough to pull one from a booster pack, you’ll know immediately that they stand out from the rest but there are other ways you can tellContinue reading “What are Secret Rare Pokemon Cards?”