Why Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Doesn’t Have a National Pokedex

Pokepatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet National Pokedex

What is a National Pokedex?

A national Pokedex is a term used to refer to all Pokemon that currently exist or known about. As of now, no single Pokemon game has ever included all Pokemon in it. It usually grabs Pokemon that match the region and leaves out a lot of others. Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a national Pokedex?

National Pokedex in Scarlet and Violet?

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have all Pokemon? The short answer is no. It’s not likely for Scarlet and Violet to have one for several reasons. A National Pokedex in Scarlet and Violet seems to be something a lot of fans want but it’s a big ask from the development team. Currently there are 905 Pokemon in the National Pokedex. There are typically about 300 Pokemon featured in each mainline Pokemon game. That’s 3x more work that the devs have to put in, making sure all Pokemon are in the game, which will distract from development on other features in the game. This begs the question; will we ever see a game with a national Pokedex?

When will we see a National Pokedex?

Not only is it an incredible amount of work to include all Pokemon in a single game, some Pokemon don’t belong in certain games. Though, this hasn’t stopped Pokemon from appearing in strange places or games they don’t belong but lore wise, it sometimes doesn’t make sense. Another important thing to note is that Pokemon GO, the popular mobile game, is a global game about catching all Pokemon. While Pokemon GO has a majority of the entre Pokedex, it still falls short and there are several missing. The reason for this is debated but the point is, even the one game that is meant to have a national Pokedex doesn’t. This is pretty strong evidence that a game with a national Pokedex might not happen and if it does, it would be a huge project like Pokemon GO.

Buy Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Despite Scarlet and Violet not having a national Pokedex, it’ll feature many new Pokemon and tons of fan favorites from previous generations! If you’re hyped about the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, now is the time to preorder. Pick Scarlet or Violet based on which Legendary you like more. Preordering from GameStop is reliable and PokePatch makes commission on qualifying purchases, so you’ll also be helping keep our website up. Thank you!

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