Pokemon GO Daily Incense Legendary Spawns

Pokepatch Pokemon Go daily incense legendarys

What is Daily Incense?

How does Daily Incense work? Daily Adventure Incense is a new kind of Incense in Pokemon GO that is free for everyone to use. You can only use it once per day, but it resets for everyone at midnight (12am) local time. Claim your free daily incense in the shop menu and activate it in your inventory. You should see a blue smoke ring around your trainer once it’s activated and you’ll see Pokemon spawn more often. If your Daily Incense is not working, it’s likely because you’re standing in one place. In order to have Pokemon spawn with your Daily Incense active, you have to be moving around. This Incense only lasts for 15 minutes so use it wisely!

Daily Incense Legendary Spawns

The new Daily Adventure Incense attracts tons of common and uncommon Pokemon but surprisingly using this free incense has the chance at spawning Legendarys too! The Legendarys you can encounter are the Galarian Legendary Birds. They are still very rare and are difficult to catch so make sure to use golden berries if you have any! The Legendary Pokemon that spawn with Daily Incense may change in the future. Here’s a full list of the current Legendary Spawns.

  • Galarian Zapdos
  • Galarian Moltres
  • Galarian Articuno

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