Does Paldea Connect to Kalos in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Pokepatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Kalos

A recent wave of information was released about the upcoming Gen 9 Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet. Among that information was a map of the new Paldea Region. This map looks huge and may be the biggest Pokemon region we’ve seen. But some fans have noticed a detail about this map that makes people wonder if there’s more to come.

Kalos in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Will the Kalos region be in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? There’s a chance that we may see the Southern Kalos region featured in some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC. If we look at the new map of the Paldea Region, we can see the entire region is surrounded by water, except for the North East. The top right corner of the map is clearly connected to another region, but it’s hidden by clouds. Since the Paldea Region is based on Spain, that area should be France, where the Kalos region is inspired by.

Map of the Paldea Region from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If there is Kalos region DLC in Scarlet and Violet, it’ll likely be somewhere we’ve never explored before. On the other hand, Scarlet and Violet seem to be very rooted in Spanish culture and the developers might not want to stray from that concept. If they want to keep the game in Spain, they may find another hidden location to put DLC and save Kalos for the next Pokemon Legends game.

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