Cheapest Pokemon TCG Booster Packs To Buy in 2022

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Cheapest packs in 2022

The Pokemon TCG has faced huge demand the past year. This has lead to people taking advantage of the supply to make money. People have been buying boxes and packs out just to sell them for a higher price. This is called scalping and it’s something the community has to constantly fight against. One way to combat scalpers is to buy packs for the cheapest price you can get, instead of buying them at inflated prices. There are also certain Pokemon TCG expansion sets that haven’t been scalped, making them more accessible and in stock. Online you might be able to find these sets for cheaper than its original price but well be linking to GameStop for these products. Not only is Gamestop one of the most reputable sources for buying Pokemon cards but they also sell products at a good price. PokePatch is also a GameStop affiliate so we earn commission off qualifying purchases. 2022 has just started so this list will be updated throughout the year but for the most part this should stay accurate for a while. Here are the cheapest or most common booster packs you’ll find.

1. Fusion Strike

Fusion Strike is one of the most recent Pokemon TCG sets released as it released in December of 2021. But it’s also infamous for having the worst pull rates in any recent set. This means your odds of getting good cards out of a Fusion Strike booster pack is really low compared to other sets. The art on the alternate art rares look amazing, they’re just hard to get. This has turned off fans from buying more packs, making the price and resale value drop quite a bit.

2. Battle Styles

Battle Styles is a set that was released without much hype. It kind of just appeared out of no where. This set has decent pull rates but compared to other recent sets art was lack luster. This doesn’t mean there isn’t amazing art in the Battle Styles set but it seems like this set didn’t focus on art. It focused on introducing new types of cards, rapid strike & single strike. This has a connection to the new Pokemon Legends Arceus battle styles.

3. Chilling Reign

The Chilling Reign set has some very nice cards with decent pull rates. That’s also why it may be more valuable than the other two on this list. But this set is still fairly cheap and can be commonly found on the shelves at retail stores for MSRP or its original price. This set wasn’t scalped like others because it’s release was sandwiched between more popular sets such as Shining Fates and Celebrations, which have more demand.

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