How to Transfer Pokemon from Legends Arceus to Pokemon Home

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Pokemon Home Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus has been out for a while and players are eager to transfer their new Pokemon to and from their Legends Arceus box. This begs the question, can you transfer Pokemon from Home to Legends Arceus? It’s confirmed that Pokemon Home will have connectivity to Pokemon Legends Arceus but when is still in question. We know it will be some time in 2022, and very likely soon. They don’t want to wait too long or else all fans will be focused on the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. Soon players will be able to transfer Pokemon between your Pokemon Home box and your box in Legends Arceus. This Pokemon Home Legends Arceus connectivity allows players to keep their Pokemon past games and use them in the new one and vice versa.

This feature may not be out yet but here’s how to get it set up once this feature comes out.

Connecting Pokemon Legends Arceus to Pokemon Home

Here’s how to connect Legends Arceus to Pokemon Home. First, you’ll need to have Pokemon Home set up and play Pokemon Legends Arceus on the same Nintendo account. Once you do this, they’ll automatically be connected. From there you can launch the Pokemon Home app on your Nintendo Switch and select your Pokemon collection. A screen should appear with a selection of Pokemon games you’ve played. Choose the Pokemon Legends Arceus option. Then you’ll see all of your Pokemon from the game and all of your Pokemon stored in Home. Select the Pokemon you want to transfer and move it into the desired box. Keep in mind that with the free version of Pokemon Home, you’ll only be able to store 30 Pokemon in Home at once across all games, this includes Legends Arceus. You can increase this limit to 6,000 for the paid, premium subscription.

Step by step

  1. Open Pokemon Home app on your Switch
  2. Select Pokemon
  3. Select Pokemon Legends Arceus to connect your account
    • If you don’t see this option, the feature isn’t out yet or you need to launch PLA and come back
  4. Select Pokemon you want to transfer to or from Pokemon Home
  5. Save changes and exit

Pokemon Home on Mobile

Pokemon Home also has a mobile app so you can access your Pokemon Legends Arceus box from your phone. Luckily the steps are the same as on the Nintendo Switch. You’ll want to make sure the app on your iPhone or Android is connected to the same Nintendo account as the one you use to play games on the Switch. From here, just follow the above steps.

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