VMax Climax Might Have The Best Pull Rates Ever! New Japanese Pokémon Cards

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG Vmax Climax best pull rates

The newest Japanese Pokemon TCG, VMax Climax, set released in Japan this month. Not only does it contain reprints of amazing looking cards in past sets but it features a huge amount of new Character Rare (CR) cards and Character Super Rares (CSR). These cards look different from your normal Vmax cards, these all look like carefully designed, alternate art cards. And the best part is, everyone can get them because the pull rates are good. There are also new Ultra Rare Gold Pokemon cards and, of course, Secret Rares to look forward to.

Vmax Climax Pull Rates

The pull rates in these Vmax Climax packs are amazing. You don’t have to open hundreds of packs to get something good. In recent English sets, such as Fusion Strike, we’ve seen rare cards become insanely hard to pull, while in this case it’s become the opposite. In each 11 card Vmax Climax booster pack you’ll find 1 Holo Basic Energy, 2 Holo Pokemon, 1 Pokemon V or Vmax, and 1 Reverse Holo, and 6 other cards that are common, non-holo rares, supporters, or trainers. These are guaranteed pulls. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll pull a character card or a secret rare, but the chances of you getting one is about. The pull rates for character cards haven’t been confirmed yet but so far it looks like in one booster box you’ll get about 3 or 4 Character Rares, 1 Character Super Rare, and a Secret Rare or Gold Ultra Rare. That means about 50% of packs will include a Character Rare or better. These are extremely good odds and probably means the dollar value of these cards aren’t going to be high but they’re some of the most fun packs to open.

Vmax Climax God Pack Pull Rates

God Packs are back! These are rare booster packs that contain 10 CSR cards, 10 CR cards, or 10 Secret Rare cards, replacing all of the other cards in the pack besides the energy. Tag All Stars set also had these God Packs but they’re extremely rare and your odds of getting one are about 1 out of every 250 booster packs. The pull rates for God Packs in Vmax Climax haven’t been confirmed yet but we expect them to be similar in terms of rarity.

New Reverse Holo Cards

Character Rares are pulled from the Reverse Holo slot, so if you pull a character card, you won’t receive a Reverse Holo. If you do pull a Reverse Holo, you’ll find that the holographic style is nothing like we’ve seen before and might be my favorite so far. It has a pixel-y style and can be seen across the entire card.

Vmax Climax Cost

The new Vmax Climax booster box is only available in Japan. It come with 10 Vmax Climax booster packs and costs 5500 yen, which is about $50 in USD. Because of resale value going up plus shipping internationally, you’ll expect to pay about $80 for one of these booster boxes in the United States.

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