Who Are The Diamond and Pearl Clans in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

Pokepatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Diamond and Pearl Clan difference

A new trailer recently released introduced us to two different clans in the Hisui region, the Diamond and Pearl clans. We know they both have the same tasks, as they are made up of teams of Wardens that protect Noble Pokemon across the region. The wardens protect these special Pokemon by maintaining their habitats, making sure their territories are safe, and providing offerings such as food and water. Each Warden is assigned a specific Pokemon to protect so each Noble or Alpha Pokémon you see will be overlooked by a certain Warden. But what is the difference between these clans?

Diamond Clan in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The Diamond clan’s theme is based on the Legendary Pokemon, Dialga. Their clothes, flags, and buildings are a dark blue and white, which is the color scheme that Dialga has. This clan is also known for not wasting time, which lines up with the Pokemon it’s designed after. Dialga has the ability to control time.

Diamond Clan Leader: Adaman

Adaman leads the Diamond Clan and has Leafeon as his partner. His way of thinking puts him at odds with the Pearl clan and can be found often arguing with the Irida, the leader of the Pearl Clan.

Pearl Clan in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

While the Pearl clan’s mission is the same as the Diamond clan, their approach to protecting Pokemon is the opposite. They take their time and create a relationship with Noble Pokemon and people before making decisions. Their design takes after the Legendary Pokemon, Palkia, which is light-purple and white and has the ability to manipulate space.

Pearl Clan Leader: Irida

Irida is the leader of the Pearl Clan and has Glaceon as her partner. She’s suspicious of you when you first meet but warms up to you after earning her trust.

In the trailer we can see both clan leaders talking to the Galaxy Team leader, Commander Kamado. This most likely means they’re both branches of the Galaxy Team and report to Kamado.

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