Will Giratina Be in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

PokePatch will Giratina be in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Who is Giratina?

The release for Pokemon Legends Arceus is just a couple weeks away and we’re finally seeing more gameplay trailers and promo material showing us parts of this otherwise mysterious game. We see a lot abuot Dialga and Palkia, two of the Pokemon created by Arceus. They’re are clans in the Hisui region that worship these two as deities. But it wasn’t just Palkia and Dialga that were created directly by Arceus. Another Pokemon called Giratina was created along side them but was banished due to it’s violent nature. This makes sense because while Palkia and Dialga represent matter and time, Giratina represents anti-matter.

Where is Giratina?

This is obviously all speculation, since the game isn’t out just yet, so there will be no spoilers here, just theories. Giratina may not be seen in Pokemon Legends Arceus trailers for multiple reasons. Maybe they’re not in the game at all because they’re still banished. If we do see Giratina, it’ll most likely be in end game content, such as a final boss, or in DLC later in the year. An interesting theory is that Giratina is the reason Noble Pokemon are becoming frenzied and turning other Pokemon into Alpha Pokemon in the Hisui region. Some evidence of this is Alpha Pokemon having glowing red eyes, similar to Giratina’s eyes. Maybe we’ll need to face Giratina to stop this from happening further. It’s hard to tell what will happen or if we’ll see Giratina at all in Pokemon Legends Arceus but it’s exciting to make theories. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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