What Are Research Tasks in Pokemon Legends Arceus

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus research tasks

With the new game, Pokemon Legends Arceus, coming out this month fans are continually seeing new game mechanics and features being introduced into this upcoming game. One game mechanic we’re all used to seeing is a Pokedex. This feature, like many others are being changed in the new game. The new Pokedex will add more missions to do and possibly more things to unlock.

What is a Pokedex?

To know what Research Tasks are, first you need to understand the Pokedex. For veteran players and fans of the Pokemon franchise, the Pokedex needs no introduction. But for newer players, which Legends Arceus will be attracting a lot of, a Pokedex is a device that keeps track of Pokemon you’ve seen and caught. In Pokemon Legends Arceus, your Pokedex isn’t a high tech device but a journal. Once you catch a certain Pokemon, it gets added to your Pokedex.

Research Tasks Explained

Research Tasks expand your Pokedex by adding side missions to it. In other Pokemon games, when you catch a Pokemon it gets marked in your Pokedex. Once you’ve caught one of each Pokemon available in the game, you’ve completed your Pokedex! In Pokemon Legends Arceus, there will be more to the Pokedex than just catching a Pokemon. Once you’ve discovered and caught a Pokemon, a list of research tasks will appear. You’ll need to complete all of these tasks to finish that Pokemon’s entry in your Pokedex. This change stems from who you are as a trainer. You’re mission throughout Legends Arceus is to study and research Pokemon, while in most other games your mission is to catch, level up, and battle other trainers and gym leaders.

What Do You Get From Completing Research Tasks?

When a task is complete, your rank with the Galaxy Expedition Team increases and you’ll find more information about the Pokemon you’re researching.

Fans are theorizing that your Research Tasks on a specific Pokemon might affect your chance of encountering a shiny version of that Pokemon. This hasn’t been confirmed yet but would be a neat mechanic that will add another layer of rarity to shiny Pokemon.

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