All Throwable Items Explained in Pokemon Legends Arceus

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus all throwable items explained

What are Pokeballs?

Pokeballs should be the most familiar throwable item in this list. Simply put, Pokeballs are used to catch Pokemon. Throw a Pokeball at a Pokemon you want to catch while it’s either distracted or weakened to attempt to catch it. If you successfully caught it, fireworks will shoot out, if not be prepared for a battle. There are different types of Pokeballs that give you certain advantages in different environments or circumstances.

What are Berries?

Berries are not only craftable and consumable items but they’re also throwable. Throwing certain berries beside a Pokemon will distract it. The Pokemon will walk over to the berry and while they’re eating it, you can sneak up and throw a Pokeball to attempt to catch it.

Here’s a list of berries and their effects:

What are Balms?

Balms are specifically used on frenzied Noble Pokemon. These items can be crafted out of Pokemon’s favorite foods. When a Noble Pokemon is attacking you, just battling with it won’t be enough. To quell it, you’ll need to throw these balms at it while dodging it’s attacks. When there’s an opening, you can battle it and hit it with another Pokemon.

What are Smoke Bombs?

Throwing a smoke bomb reduces visibility and prevents wild Pokemon from noticing you. This can be used as an advantage when catching or sneaking past Pokemon. Throw a smoke bomb before sneaking up on a Pokemon and throwing a Pokeball at it. Similar to using berries as a distraction, this can be used to get a better shot when throwing Pokeballs.

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