How to Trade with Friends in Pokemon Legends Arceus

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus how to trade

The newest Pokemon game, Pokemon Legends Arceus, has many new game mechanics and features, some of which change everything we know about Pokemon games. New features range from combat to how players navigate the Hisui region. One thing that developers decided to keep in the new game is trading Pokemon. Trading Pokemon with others has been a huge part of mainline games ever since the first generation on the Gameboy and it’s not going away anytime soon. You’ll be able to trading Pokemon with friends and other players at the Trading Post.

Where is the Trading Post?

The trading Post in Hisui is found in the main village, Jubilife Village. It can be identified by a yellow and red banner with Togepi on it, as seen above. When you get to the trading post, speak to Simona and you’ll have a couple options. At the trading post you’ll have the ability to exchange merit points for items and trade Pokemon with others. Merit Points can be earned from the Lost and Found system and you can use them to buy Rare Candy and Evolution Stones. As long as you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you’ll be able to trade Pokemon with your friends at this trading post as well.

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