How To Defeat Frenzied Nobles in Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips and Tricks

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus frenzied nobles

The upcoming game, Pokemon Legends Arceus, is coming out soon and will feature many new gameplay mechanics to explore. One new major addition to the game is Noble Pokemon battles. Nobles are powerful Pokemon that have a mysterious blessing and for this reason are protected by wardens. On your journey through the Hisui region, you’ll need to help quell these Frenzied Nobles. Simply battling a Noble Pokemon with your own won’t be enough to quell them. Here’s what you’ll need to do to beat a frenzied Noble Pokemon.

Throwing Balms

Noble Pokemon have two health bars. Balms affect the big one and Pokemon attacks effect the smaller one. While the big bar is on your screen, aim and throw balms at the frenzied Noble Pokemon and this bar will go down. Time your balm throws between attacks. It’s best to spam throw as many as you can while you have the chance but don’t do it for too long or you’ll get hit. Balms can be crafted using certain Pokemon’s favorite foods.

Dodging Attacks

Legends Arceus is very different from previous Pokemon games because the Pokemon can directly attack your trainer. Throwing balms at the Noble would be easy without it constantly attacking you but that’s exactly what it will to do. Dodge the Noble Pokemon’s attacks while throwing as many balms at it as you can. There are usually signs before it attacks, like the Pokemon is charging up. Watch for these signs and dodge at the correct time to prevent getting hit. If your trainer gets hit too many times, you’ll black out. When you’ve thrown enough balms, the Noble will let down its guard. Now is your time to attack.

Battle Openings

Once the Noble let’s its guard down, a smaller HP bar will appear over it’s head. This is your chance to summon your own Pokemon and battle it. Attack the Noble during these openings to weaken it further.

How to Defeat Noble Kleavor

When it comes to Kleavor, there are two indicators that it will attack. The first attack, Kleavor will lunge at you. Before this attack you’ll see a yellow shine in its eye, this is your sign to dodge to the side, out of the way. The second attack starts with a wind animation surrounding Kleavor. This is a short range attack so when you see this animation, roll backwards.

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