What Are Lodgings? Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer Review

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus what are lodgings

A new trailer was released for the upcoming Pokemon Legends Arceus game that shows us some new game mechanics more in depth, while teasing at some features we still don’t know about. In this trailer it was revealed that players will have their own lodges but not many details were shown past that. It seems like this will be a safe house in Jubilife Village for players. While the player is walking through the lodge, we see three different items they’re able to interact with as the button prompt for “investigate” pops up. The first time it pops up next to a vase or bucket of some sort. Then on a campfire and lastly, something sitting on a table.

What Are Lodgings used for?

It’s not confirmed what any of these items are used for but we have some ideas. The 1st thing we see could be used as a storage container, since we know we have limited storage in our bags. The 2nd item is probably the most obvious one, it looks like a fire used for cooking. 3 is more mysterious because we can’t see exactly what it is but fans think it could for crafting scrolls or TMs. We also see a bed in the background, that’s probably used to change the time of day. There’s also the possibility that “investigate” doesn’t mean use. These items in your lodging could just be things we can inspect, much like a lot of things we see indoors throughout Pokemon games. We’ll just have to see what else we can do with these lodgings when the game releases and we’ll update information here.

If you’d like to share your theories comment below or join the conversation we started on the r/PokemonLegendsArceus subreddit here.

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