Pokemon Legends Arceus Takes Up Less Storage Space Than Previously Thought

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus storage space size

Pokemon Legends Arceus comes out this month and fans are preparing to play the game and getting hyped for it as more trailers release. One way you can prepare is by making sure you have enough storage space on your Nintendo Switch or SD card. So that begs the question, how big is Pokemon Legends Arceus?

How Much Storage Does Legends Arceus Take?

Recently the Required Space in Software Details for Pokemon Legends Arceus in the Nintendo eShop changed from 13GB to 6GB. This means on release Pokemon Legends Arceus will take up about 6GB on your Nintendo Switch. This isn’t taking into consideration patches, updates, or DLC but even with those things this size is incredibly low compared to other AAA games. Luckily, you won’t need to delete a bunch of games as long as you have enough space.

Compared To Other Games

Other popular games in the industry right now are taking more than 100GBs on PCs and consoles so naturally 6GB is a surprisingly small number. This change has started a conversation in the community about why the size is so low. Some people blame lack of content for this small file size but others have pointed out that it’s normal for Nintendo games to be small in file size. For example, despite how large of a game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, it’s takes up just above 14GB on the Switch. These small file sizes could be due to more simple or less high resolution textures but it’s also most likely because of compression. Compression for many game developers isn’t a huge focus but it seems Nintendo likes their games compressed a certain way so they take up less space.

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