New 360 Degree Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer Gives 3D View of Hisui Region

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus 360 degree trailer

Pokemon Legends Arceus is set to release January 28th, which is less than a couple short weeks away. The official Pokemon YouTube channel has been releasing some great teasers and trailers to make fans more hyped for the game. Some trailers show new game mechanics or hint at new Hisuian Pokemon but the newest trailer shows us a glimpse of the Hisui Region we haven’t seen before. More specifically, the area called Obsidian Fieldlands.

360 View Trailer

This trailer uses YouTube’s 360 degree feature, which makes for an immersion viewing experience. While watching on a PC you’ll be able to look around by clicking and dragging. For the best viewing experience, watch on your phone or a mobile device and you can look around the Obsidian Fieldlands just by rotating, tilting, and panning your screen or device.

What This Trailer Shows Us

The main takeaway from this new trailer is not only the environment we’re traversing through but the means of transportation. It starts with the players character standing in some grassy fields and goes through all of the mounts we’re able to get in Legends Arceus. Wyrdeer for traveling on land, Hisuian Braviary for flight, and Basculegion for across water. Something very interesting about using these mounts is how smooth the transition is when switching between them. Players can smoothly transition between using different mounts just by entering different terrain. For example when flying Hisuian Braviary into the river, you summon and begin to ride Basculegion instead to match the conditions. Of course the environment is a major focus on this trailer as well and it seems fans are finally becoming more satisfied with how the graphics are turning out. Compared to very early trailers, the graphics have noticeably improved. If you found anything specific you liked about this trailer, let us know in the comments below!

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