Pull Rates for VStar Cards in Star Birth Pokemon TCG Set

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Star Birth VStar pull rate

With Arceus being in the spotlight this month, The Pokemon Company has released the Star Birth TCG set in Japan and features the newest type of card! Star Birth is the first TCG set with VStar cards, which will be followed by the English version of the set, Brilliant Stars. It’s best to keep in mind the pull rates for Japanese sets usually differ from English sets so their pull rates could be quite different. Since VStar cards have been promoted a lot, we expect it to not be too difficult to pull as they want collectors to be satisfied. It’s too soon for pull rates on individual cards as we haven’t seen enough data but we can confidently see pull rates for card types, specifically VSTAR cards.

Odds of Pulling a VStar Card in Star Birth

Based on several YouTube channels posting Star Birth pack openings, the chances of getting VStar cards don’t seem too bad! Videos by UnlistedLeaf and TwicebakedJake, two great PokeTubers in the community, have shown them opening Star Birth Booster Boxes and pulling 2 VStar cards each. TwicebakedJake even pulled a Shaymin VSTAR Rainbow Rare (Hyper Rare)! These are anecdotal of course but are pretty good odds from what we’ve seen altogether this month. That’s 1 VStar card out of every 15 packs on average. With a 1/15 chance of pulling a VStar card, compared to rare cards in previous English sets such as Fusion Strike pull rates, these odds are not bad at all. Again, we’re not sure if the Brilliant Stars set will have good pull rates but we expect them to at least be better than Fusion Strike. The previous most recent Japanese set, VMax Climax, had the best pull rates we’ve seen. So compared to that set, VStar cards are still pretty rare, but just enough to get you hyped when you finally pull one.

Where To Buy Brilliant Stars

If you’re looking to get your hands on the upcoming English Pokemon TCG set, Brilliant Stars, one of the best places to get it is GameStop! Not only are they priced at retail value, so you don’t have to deal with scalpers, but they’re reliable source for booster packs. PokePatch also earns commission from qualified purchases through GameStop links, so you’ll be helping our site stay up. Thank you!

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