Will Pokémon Legends: Arceus Have Gym Leader Battles?

Pokepatch will Pokemon Legends Arceus have gym leader battles

Pokémon games usually have Gyms and Gym Leaders that have very powerful Pokemon. The player catches Pokémon and levels them up until they think they’re ready to battle in the Gym challenge. With Pokémon Legends: Arceus changing so many gameplay features, a question that is asked a lot is will Pokemon Legends Arceus have gyms?

Will There Be Gyms?

Short answer, no. There wont be gyms in Pokémon Legends: Arceus (LA). The real question is why. This new game takes place in a time when Pokémon and Humans mostly lived separate from one another. More importantly, in a time before people caught and battled Pokémon against each other, which is exactly what a Pokémon gym is. Having gym battles in this context wouldn’t make sense.

What Will Replace Gyms?

As mentioned before, gym challenges are a huge part of gameplay for almost all Pokémon games in the past. This leaves a large gap for new content in Legends. This gap will most likely be filled by people called Wardens. Wardens protect Noble Pokemon but you’ll see these Noble Pokemon have mysteriously become aggressive. We call these frenzied Noble Pokemon. You’ll most likely get tasks from local wardens to help them tame these wild frenzied Nobles. This could prove to be harder than gym challenges as it not only involves battling your Pokemon against it but your trainer as well. These Pokemon will hit your trainer directly and you’ll need to dodge it’s attacks.

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