Best Pokémon Items for Black Friday Sale at GameStop

Pokepatch Pokemon Gamestop black friday sale

With the holidays coming up and Thanksgiving will shortly be coming to a close next we’ll all be out gift shopping for Christmas and other Holidays. It can be a stressful experience looking for the right presents at good prices, especially for Pokémon fans with TCG products constantly being sold out, we’ll be looking at other Pokémon related products to buy for loved ones and ourselves. Luckily most shopping can be done online and GameStop is having an early Black Friday sale on their website right now. Here’s a list of some of the best items they have on sale this Holiday season.

Pre-owned Games

Pre-owned Pokémon games for the Switch such as Sword & Shield, Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, and several other games are $10 off this Black Friday on GameStop. If you’re still waiting on the new Pokémon games to come out and haven’t played the previous ones, they’re a lot of fun and highly recommended.


You can never go wrong getting plushies as a gift for the holidays. There are several plushies on sale this weekend at GameStop. My favorite one is this Eeveelution set. This GameStop exclusive comes with three different 8-inch plushies Sylveon, Glaceon, and Leafeon.


Puzzles are another great gift for the holidays that will keep you and/or the kids busy. This assortment of puzzles has a variety of different pictures. You get 4 puzzles in one box and especially on sale, this multipack is definitely worth the price!

Die-cast Poke ball Replica

These Die-cast Pokeball replicas are also on sale for Black Friday. Normally they’re $99.99 but you’ll be able to save $15 and buy them for $84.99 this weekend.

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