Weird Fusion Strike Errors & Misprints from the New Pokémon TCG Set

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike errors and misprints

Pokemon’s TCG set, Fusion Strike, has been out for more than a month now, which is a lot of time for error packs and misprinted cards to be noticed and posted online. We’ve seen a lot of strange errors with this set and fans have been concerned with the Pokemon TCG’s quality control. On top of this concern, collectors have been upset with the pull rates being harsh with this set. Other fans love these types of cards and purposely collect these just because they’re rare and different from what you’d normally see. Here are some of the weirdest errors we’ve seen from Fusion Strike booster packs.

Blank Card Error

This is one of the most interesting errors I’ve ever seen in a pack of Pokemon cards. This person pulled a completely blank piece of cardboard out of a booster pack. How a sheet of Pokemon cards was not only not printed but also cut and packaged like this is a mystery to say the least. The blank card also replaced the holo slot in the pack, so this person did not receive a rare in this pack at all. Both sides are brown and don’t feature and art or ink on them. If one side had art or the Pokemon back, while the other side was blank, this card would probably go for a lot of money to error collectors. But since it’s blank on both sides, it’s nothing more than just really interesting and confusing.

Holo Shift Misprint V Cards

Holo shift cards, also known as a bleed or a drop shadow, are cards that appear to have a double print. These are very rare and hold a lot of value to collectors of error cards. This reddit user opened a Fusion Strike booster box and every V card they pulled had this effect on it. Another user posted that they had this effect on the back of one of their cards.

Worst Miscut Cards

Miscut cards are when the cards have been misaligned and cut incorrectly. When this happens, you’ll see other Pokemon cards on the edges. It basically looks like two halves of 2 differnt Pokemon cards combined into one. This Reddit post shows one of the worst miscut cards I’ve ever seen. To some people these are pretty collectable too because they’re so rare but it’s still not good for normal collectors or TCG players to pull errors like this.

These errors are very noticeable and cool but there are other errors and misprints that aren’t as obvious. It’s always good to take a close look at your cards for errors as this can effect grading but you also may be holding onto something more rare than you realize.

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  1. I got a Korean Fusion Arts booster box for Christmas. I packed a rainbow rare Dancer with very little errors. For example the numbering of the card is 121/100 instead of 123/100. Also the name is very different on other Korean Dancer cards than what mine says. My Korean friend told me it wasn’t an actual word that existed in their language. So that’s a lot of fun 🙂

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