All 2021 Holiday Costumed Pokemon and How to Catch Them in Pokemon Go

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With the Holidays in full swing, Pokemon Go is celebrating by putting new Christmas and holiday themed Pokemon in the game. For a limited time, you’ll be able to catch certain Pokemon that are dressed up for the Holidays. There are also shiny versions of these Pokemon but they’re very rare, of course. Pokemon Go players will have until the end of the year, December 31st, to catch these holiday edition Pokemon. Here are the costumed Pokemon you can catch and how to get them.

For more information on the Pokemon Go Holiday event, check the official website here.

Holiday Pikachu

The Holiday Pikachu with a Santa hat should be the easiest to get in this list. You can catch the Holiday costumes Pikachu from Wild Encounters, Field Research, and One Star Raids

Holiday Delibird

The Holiday Delibird may be a little harder to find but not too difficult if you play enough. You can catch these in Wild Encounters, Field Research, Three Star Raids.

Holiday Stantler

The way to get a Holiday Stantler is the same as the Delibird. You can catch them through Wild Encounters, Field Research, and Three Star Raids

Holiday Spheal

Similar to the Pikachu, this one shouldnt be too difficult to find and catch. You can catch a Holiday Shealy through Wild Encounters, Field Research, and One Star Raids.

Holiday Cubchoo

Another more common spawn to see this holiday season is the Holiday Cubchoo. To catch the Holiday Cubchoo, you’ll have yo find it in Wild Encounters, Field Research, and One Star Raids.

Holiday Glaceon

This may be the hardest to catch out of all of the holiday Pokemon this year unless you’re really unlucky with finding another one. That’s because the only way you can catch a Holiday Glaceon is by getting it after winning a Three Star Raid.

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