Person Pulls 50+ Charizard Cards out of One Box in Pokemon TCG Error

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Battle Academy Charizard error box

With the Pokemon Company releasing so many expansion sets in the TCG, errors and misprints are not uncommon to see among specific cards. What’s more uncommon are packaging errors that affect entire booster packs and even rarer than that, ones that affect entire boxes.

What is The Battle Academy Pokemon Box?

The Battle Academy box is a board game / card game that teaches you how to play the Pokemon TCG. These boxes don’t come with booster packs but they come with three decks of 60 cards so you can play. Each box is about $20 (USD) and also comes with three GX cards. You’ll get one Raichu GX, Mewtwo GX, and Charizard GX. This means you’ll only get 1 Charizard GX card for every Battle Academy box you buy. For one reddit user, this was not the case.

Battle Academy Error Box

This reddit user posted a picture of a bunch of these Charizard GX cards fanned out on the table and claim they got all of them from a single Battle Academy box. They pulled more than 50 Charizard GX cards and one Charmander out of this deck. That’s the equivalent of buying 50 boxes for a total of ~$1,000 (USD).

Many replies discuss how this box, alone, could inflate the market for this specific card and devalue it a lot if they decide to sell them. If the owner sells all of these cards, they won’t be as rare or scarce to get so the price will drop. They could decide to sell a little at a time or just keep them all until years down the road, when the card is no longer available and possibly make even more money. Either way, it’s a very rare and interesting error and one that has confused many.

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