Why You’re Always On Purple Team in Pokemon Unite

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Are You Always On Purple Team?

If you’ve played a few matches of Pokemon Unite by now you may have noticed you’re never on the orange team. This is because you’re always on purple team by design. Even your opponents are on the “purple” team. What I mean by this is everyone sees their allies as purple and their opponents as orange. This is so you’ll never get mixed up when targeting an enemy, so you don’t accidentally try to attack an ally. It’s something that isn’t often an issue in other games but still happens. When you’re playing games like Counter Strike, you might be used to playing on a certain team and when you’re playing on the other team for once, you’ll end up attacking a teammate, giving you and your team a disadvantage.

Why You’re Always On The Left Side

The colors of the teams is pretty simple but another thing developers made sure of is your base is always on the left side of the arena. The enemy will see their spawn on the left side of their screen as well, so how does this work? At first I thought the arena was rotated 180 degrees on the enemy team to create this effect, this would mean your top lane would be the enemy’s bottom lane, but this isn’t the case. The reason we know this is because the layout of the map and placement of wild Pokemon always stay the same. For example, Drednaw is always at the bottom of the stage. This means the other team’s screen is flipped to be a mirrored image of what you see. This is another clever way of making sure you’re never accidentally running the wrong way to score on your own goal.

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