Who is the Galaxy Expedition Team in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokepatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Team Galaxy explained

The release of the upcoming Pokemon game, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, is right around the corner and fans still are left not knowing much about the lore of the game. A major part of the story will revolve around the Galaxy Team in the Hisui region as you’ll be working with the members to complete tasks. Here’s what we know so far about the Galaxy Expedition Team.

What is the Galaxy Team?

The Galaxy Team is the Team Galactic of the past. The Hisui region takes place where the Sinnoh region is but hundreds of years before Diamond and Pearl. The Galaxy Team’s mission and morals are very different from Team Galactic, however. Their mission is to protect Noble Pokemon and their habitats, these gaurdians are called Wardens. Each Warden is assigned a different Noble / Alpha Pokemon to protect across the Hisui region.

Kamado – Galaxy Team Leader

Commander Kamado is the leader of the Galaxy Team and the ancestor of Professor Rowan from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (BDSP). Not much is known about Kamado at this time but it seems like all Wardens and Clan Leaders report to him.

Galaxy Team vs Team Galactic

Playing Legends: Arceus, you’ll notice most of the characters look familiar. This is because they’re all ancestors of characters in Diamond and Pearl. The Galaxy Team eventually becomes Team Galactic hundreds of years later but they are very different teams. While the Galaxy Team’s focus is on protecting Pokemon and their habitats, Team Galactic is quite the opposite. They don’t care for Pokemon’s well being and are focused on taking over the galaxy. The theory is that over time this group became less caring and more corrupt, especially thanks to it’s new leader, Cyrus, who wanted more power.

Diamond and Pearl Clans

The Galaxy Team seems to be split into two different clans. They both have the same mission, just different approaches and beliefs.

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