Is Brilliant Stars Worth It in Pokemon TCG?

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Is Brilliant Stars Worth It?

Brilliant Stars came out in Feburary and fans have had enough time to open plenty of packs and form opinions on the new set. Some fans are claiming Brilliant Stars is the best set in the Sword and Sheild generation of the Pokemon TCG. At the same time, others are saying they’re taking a break from collecting until the new set Astral Radiance comes out. Why do some people think this and what does Brilliant Stars have what other sets don’t?

Brilliant Stars VS Other Sets

When compared to other sets, it becomes clearer why Brilliant Stars is a favorite in some fans eyes while others completely skip it. Brilliant Stars introduced a new type of card to the English Pokemon TCG called VSTAR. These VSTAR cards are new full art rare cards, similar to VMAX with special abilities in the Trading Card Game. Recently, the English TCG has brought back Character Rares and Alt art cards. These are usually very rare chase cards that everyone wants. Brilliant Stars has an abundance of these alternate arts and character cards. On top of the amazing selection of cards in this set is the decent pull rates. In previous sets we’ve seen some arguably bad pull rates where fans would have to open dozens of packs to get anything good. With Brilliant Stars, the pull rates aren’t that bad. Although some alternate art and secret rare cards are still really rare, there are plenty of cool looking cards that aren’t extremely difficult to pull.


If you like the way VSTAR cards or the alternate cards look in this set, it’s definitely worth a shot to try to pull them. Otherwise, you should look at the upcoming Astral Radiance set that will feature new cards with Shiny Pokemon and Hisuian Pokemon. Some people don’t like VSTAR cards but at least we have future sets to look forward to as well!

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Where To Buy Brilliant Stars Booster Packs

If you’d like to get your hands on some Brilliant Stars packs, one of the best sources is GameStop! Not only will you be getting it from a trusted source for a good price, but PokePatch earns commission on some orders, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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