What’s Inside the Pokemon Precious Collector Box & Where to Get One

PokePatch Pokemon Precious collectors box

A new upcoming Pokemon product was just announced and has everyone’s attention! The new Precious Collector Box is one of the nicest looking Pokemon boxes we’ve seen in a while. Despite most of the writing you see being in English, this product will only be sold in Japan. It could just be that they like the way English characters look. They also did this with the Japanese 25th Anniversary box. But where do we buy the Precious Collector Box and what’s inside?

What Comes in The Precious Collector Box?

The Precious Collector Box comes with a Card Box, Card Binder / Album, Card Frame, Divider, and a Promo Pikachu card! Sadly, this box doesn’t have any booster packs in it but that’s not what this box is about. The Pikachu promo card alone looks amazing enough for people to buy this but with all of the other quality products it comes with, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

  • Card Box
  • Card Binder
  • Card Frame
  • Divider
  • Promo Card featuring Pikachu

Where to Buy The Precious Collector Box

With how many amazing products come in this limited edition Pokemon box, a lot of fans are already wondering how much does the Precious Collector Box cost and where do we buy one? Preorders will begin in May and the product will come out in November. This will only be available on the Japanese Pokemon Center website for 17,600 yen which is about $135. This may seem like a steep price but considering what it comes with and how limited they may be people will be buying this up very quickly. When the Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection box (UPC) came out last year, they sold out very quickly and people are now selling them for 3x the retail price. A similar thing may happen to this, but we’ll just have to wait and see. If you live in the US, you’ll have to buy it from a third party or reseller because it does not ship directly to the US. Do you plan on getting one, yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

Looking To Buy Booster Packs?

The Precious Collector Box doesn’t come with booster packs but if you’re looking to open some packs, GameStop has you covered! Not only will you be getting the newest cards from a trusted source for a good price, but PokePatch earns commission on some orders, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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