VSTAR Energy Card Explained in Pokemon TCG

PokePatch Pokemon TCG VSTAR energy card explained

What Is a V STAR Card?

The latest set in the Pokemon TCG, Brilliant Stars, has been out for a while now but people are still opening them like crazy. This new set introduced the new V STAR card, which are ultra rare cards with special abilities. Some say this is the best set in the Sword and Shield era, but this generation isn’t over yet. People have been opening Brilliant Stars and Astral Radiance packs every day. If you’re one of those people, while opening Pokemon packs, you may have noticed sometimes you’ll pull a V Star card instead of energy card also called a VSTAR black card. A lot of people think this is an error card or some type of really rare pull when they first see it. Sadly, it’s not that rare but it does have a purpose. What does a VSTAR card mean and why do we keep seeing it?

What Does It Mean When You Pull A VSTAR Card?

Pulling a VSTAR energy card in a pack does not guarantee that you’ll get a VSTAR Pokemon card and doesn’t seem to affect your odds of pulling anything. We’ve already pulled dozens of these cards without seeing a single VSTAR rare. When opening packs, keep this in mind so you don’t expect to pull a rare card and become disappointed. On the flip side, if you don’t pull a VSTAR energy card you can still get a VSTAR Pokemon. This means these cards have no correlation and are completely random. They do not signal that there is a rare card in the pack, unlike code cards.

What is the Black VSTAR Card For?

Now that we know these VSTAR cards aren’t really rare and they’re in fact pretty common, what are they used for? This new VSTAR energy card isn’t really an “energy card” at all, we just refer to it as that because it takes the place of an energy card in a pack. When you get a V STAR card instead of energy card this VSTAR card is specifically used in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. VSTAR Pokemon cards are very powerful with unique attacks and abilities, called a VSTAR power. This VSTAR move can only be used once by each player in a game. While playing the Pokemon TCG, if you want to play a VSTAR Pokemon card, you’ll need to use normal energy to play it and once you’ve used the VSTAR power, you flip this VSTAR card from white to black to signal that you’ve used up your one-time-use ability.

Where to Buy Pokemon Cards

If you’d like to get some booster packs at the chance to get a rare V STAR card, the best place to get it is GameStop. Not only will you be getting them from a reliable source for a good price, but PokePatch earns a commission on qualifying purchases, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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