Is Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Worth It?

PokePatch is Pokemon Go Fest 2022 worth it

Is Pokemon Go Fest Worth It?

Pokemon Go Fest is coming back once again with even more features than before! Last year was a blast so many players are excited for this years event as well. The first notable difference for player is this Pokemon Go Fest ticket will cost $14.99 instead of the $4.99 last year. $14.99 is the usual price, it was cheaper last year because of a 5 year anniversary celebration, but it introduced a lot of players to this annual event. Even with the price difference, is Pokemon Go Fest worth it?

Pokemon Go Fest 2022 takes place on Saturday June 4th, 2022 and Sunday June 5th, 2022. You don’t have to be anywhere specific to attend, player all over the world can join in! Whether you have the event ticket or not, you should be able to encounter most of the Pokemon during the event. If you have an event ticket you’ll be able to do research, claim free cosmetic item(s), get free Raid Passes at Gyms, and participate in a special finale event on August 27th, 2022 and more. Here’s what you can get with the pass.

Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Details

Day 1

You’re chances of catching Shiny Pokemon, especially with incense are better on Saturday than on Sunday. So if you’re only able to play for one day, try to play on Saturday. This day will start the Global challenges and special research. Every hour will be a different habitat theme and you’ll be able to catch different Shiny Pokemon based on what hour it is.

Day 2

Sunday is raid day! Shiny Axew and a new Shiny Costumed Pikachu will be appearing in One-Star Raids again while an unrevealed Pokemon will be in Five-Star Raids. On this day, everyone will be able to participate in Global challenges and a short research story. Every Pokemon featured on Saturday will also appear on Sunday during event hours as well.

For full details of what Pokemon can be caught during the event, visit the PokemonGoLive website!

Is It Worth It?

Regardless, if you buy the event ticket or not, you should definitely get out there and play Pokemon Go during the event hours. You’re likely to encounter several shiny Pokemon even without the pass. One of the most convincing reasons to buy a ticket is because of the Global Challenge Arena. This is when everyone works together to complete challenges that change each hour and become more difficult as the day progresses. With an event ticket you can contribute to these challenges and claim rewards if completed. Other features include Shiny Unown Pokemon, access to Special Research and Collection Challenges, or the ability to catch Shaymin. If any other these features sound good, you should buy a Pokemon Go Fest event ticket. Otherwise, you shouldn’t need one to enjoy playing and catching rare Pokemon this weekend.

All Pokemon Go Fest Ticket Exclusives

  • Catch Shaymin
  • Avatar item and pose
  • Special Research
  • More Pokemon attracted to Incense
  • Collection Challenges
  • Global Challenges
  • More Team GO Rocket balloons
  • Free Raid Passes
  • Special Event Stickers

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