Where to Preorder New Pokemon GO TCG Set

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Pokemon Go TCG Preorder

About a month ago we got word that The Pokemon Company was working on a Pokemon Go TCG set that was to be released as a special Holiday set. Now we’ve finally got more official information about this upcoming set of Pokemon Go cards. The release date for this set is July 1st. Here’s where you can preorder Pokemon Go Booster Packs.

Preorder Pokemon GO Booster Packs

This set being a Holiday set means that Pokemon Go Booster Packs will ONLY appear in Elite Trainer Boxes and various Collection Boxes. There wont be a Pokemon Go booster box available and they also won’t be sold in blister packs or individual packs. Keep this in mind when you’re looking to preorder or buy Pokemon Go cards because there are fakes and counterfeits out there that you should avoid. If they’re being sold individually, that means someone has obtained them from a box. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam but it’s best to buy it from a trustworthy source. At the moment, one of the most trust worthy places to get these booster packs is from the Pokemon Center.

Pokemon Go Elite Trainer Box

While the usual ETB will contain 10 Pokemon Go booster packs, this Pokemon Center edition ETB contains 12 Pokemon Go packs! It also has several exclusive accesories that are Mewtwo themed and have a different look compared to the usual box.

Pokemon Go Premium Collection – Radiant Eevee

Along with 8 Pokemon Go booster packs, this Premium Collection box is filled with amazing Radiant Eevee themed goodies. This list includes a playmat, Eevee pin, a foil promo card, and a code card for TCG Live. Radiant is another word for Shiny, the term introduced in the new Astral Radiance set.

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