Dark Phantasma Pull Rates in New Japanese Pokemon TCG set

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Dark Phantasma pull rates

The newest Japanese Pokemon TCG set just released and has already exceeded expectations in terms of amazing art with new Hisuian Pokemon cards. There’s no doubt this set has some really cool looking cards that fans will be chasing for a while but what are the pull rates like and is it worth getting packs?

What’s in Dark Phantasma?

Pikachu Reverse Holo Bleed via UnlistedLeaf

The Reverse Holo’s in this set are very unique as they have a holo bleed onto the art. Usually holo bleeds are accidental and considered error cards but in this set it’s on purpose and looks amazing. Radiant Pokemon are back in this set, which are Shiny Pokemon with special abilities. Dark Phantasma also introduces new Hisuian Pokemon that haven’t yet got their own cards such as Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR. Not only does this set have all of that but it also has some of the best Character Rares we’ve seen!

Dark Phantasma Pull Rates

We gathered these pull rates from several videos opening booster packs. In total we calculated these odds from 114 packs, so the sample size is relatively small at the moment but still gives us an idea of how common certain types of cards are and how hard others are to pull.

Holo Slot Rares

Card Type Ratio Percent Chance
Holo Rare 1:2 (1 out of 2 packs) 57.02% per pack
V 1:4.5 21.93%
VSTAR 1:9.5 10.53%
Radiant Pokemon 1:19 5.26%
V Full Art 1:57 1.75%
Trainer 1:57 1.75%
Secret Rare (UR) 1:57 1.75%

Reverse Slot Rares

Card Type Ratio Percent Chance
Character Rare (CHR) 1:6.5 15.79%

Is Dark Phantasma Worth It?

Obviously if you enjoy collecting Japanese Pokemon cards, this new set is not one you want to miss. If you prefer English Pokemon cards, you might want to wait because they’ll likely come to English sets in the coming months. Meanwhile, we also have Astral Radiance and the Pokemon GO TCG sets to open and look forward to.

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