How To Get Scarf Lapras & More in Pokemon GO Water Festival 2022

PokePatch Pokemon Go Lapras Scarf Water Festival

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go lately, you’ll know there are a lot of events going on as we get ready for the Pokemon Go Fest later this summer and this week is no exception. This week we’ll have the Water Festival to enjoy which adds new Shiny Pokemon and introduces Pokemon we haven’t seen in Pokemon Go before.

Pokemon Go Water Festival Info

The Water Festival event runs through May 12 – May 20 and will focus on Water type Pokemon. During this event you’ll have the chance to catch a Lapras wearing a scarf and three new Pokemon that are being introduced to Pokemon Go, Dewpider, Araqaunid, and Tapu Fini. There are plenty more Pokemon that will appear more during this event as well. To see the full details, go to the Pokemon Go Live website here. Here’s how to catch all Water Festival Pokemon that are new.

How To Catch Lapras with a Scarf

Most people playing Pokemon Go during the Water Fest will be trying to catch Scarf Lapras because it seems to be the focus of the event along with the other three new Pokemon. Not only is Lapras my personal favorite Pokemon of all time but this is the first event Lapras we’ve seen and it’s adorable. To get this limited edition Lapras wearing a scarf you’ll have to find them in 3 Star Raids. You also have a chance of catching this Lapras when finishing certain Field Research tasks. You can also get a shiny Scarf Lapras if you’re lucky enough!

How to Catch Dewpider

You can catch a Dewpider if you find them in a wild encounter or by completing new field research during the Water Festival event.

How to Catch Araqaunid

Currently, Araquanid doesn’t appear to be catchable. You can only get an Araquanid from evolving a Dewpider.

How to Catch Tapu Fini

Since Tapu Fini is a Legendary Pokemon, the only way to catch them right now is through Five Star raids. There are no other ways to catch this Pokemon during this event.

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