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YouTubers and content creators are getting early access to Astral Radiance packs, letting everyone get a sneak peek into what this set has in store for us. We even have a chart for pull rates based on early information. Astral Radiance releases May 27th so we’ll have to wait until then to open packs. While we wait, let’s talk about how this set compares to Brilliant Stars and other previous ones. Is Astral Radiance a good set?

Is Astral Radiance Worth It?

First off, this set is pretty loaded as it has a set list of 189 cards and that’s not including all 50+ secret rares and trainer gallery cards. This alone means there are a staggering amount of full art cards you can pull from this set. Another thing that determines if a set is worth it is the alt art cards, you can see them all here.

Another big thing in Astral Radiance is Radiant Pokemon cards are being introduced. These are basically Shiny Pokemon with special abilities used in the Pokemon TCG. Sadly, Radiant pokemon are not full art cards. Previous special sets that included Shiny Pokemon usually had them on Holo, V, or VMAX cards. This time around we’re getting Shiny Pokemon on Reverse Holo cards. To some fans this seems like a bit of a downgrade compared to what we’ve seen in the past, but they are still very cool looking collectables.

Lastly, what makes Astral Radiance so special is the introduction of Hisui Pokemon and Hisuian Pokemon forms! This Hisui Region was first introduced in the Switch game Pokemon Legends Arceus, and since then fans have been waiting for Hisuian Pokemon cards. This is the first set that features Hisuian Pokemon at all and we’re getting TONS of them, which is exciting.

Where To Buy Astral Radiance Packs

One of the best places to buy Astral Radiance packs is GameStop. Not only will you be getting them from a trusted source for a good price, PokePatch earns commission from some orders, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

Watch Astral Radiance Openings

Most of the time, deciding which Pokemon set you want to open is based on your opinions. A good way to form an opinion without spending money is watching other people open new packs before you do. This way you won’t see all of the cards in the set, while still getting a taste of what it has to offer. Some great videos of YouTubers opening this set are from Leonhart and SuperDuperDani.

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