Hidden Fates May Be Getting Reprinted and Restocked

There continues to be a huge demand for Pokemon cards this year after having an explosive increase in popularity the past couple years. The Pokémon Company knows this and is happy to supply retail stores with more products to ensure they make money. Reprints and stores restocking recent Pokemon TCG sets is very common and expected this time of year, but some people have noticed a wave of an older set on the shelves lately. The Hidden Fates set came out in August of 2019. More than 2 years later, were seeing these boxes on retail shelves. Is this just left over product that got lost or is Hidden Fates being reprinted?

Hidden Fates Pokemon Center Restock

On May 24th, 2022, the Pokemon Center website quietly restocked a bunch of Hidden Fates ETBs. Despite not making an announcement for this restock, they sold out extremely fast. It’s not a surprise they sold out so quickly because Hidden Fates are becoming harder to find and more expensive lately. Hopefully this online restock means they’re planning on bringing it back into physical stores temperarily. This also could’ve been the Pokemon Center getting rid of some old stock they had lying around.

Hidden Fates Box Restock at Walmart

A post on a TCG Facebook group shows a major restock of 50+ Hidden Fates boxes at a Walmart in Indiana. These boxes feature a big Pokemon card of Raichu GX, Gyrados GX or Charizard GX and 4 HF packs. There are also rumors of these boxes only costing $9 but we’re unable to confirm this price, it’s more realistic to expect these around $20 MSRP, which is still a great price for 4 Hidden Fates packs. We know this post is legit because were starting to see a lot of people listing the item on Ebay from the same area today and multiple people on Twitter confirming this is real.

Hidden Fates ETB Restock

A Twitter user shared a video this week of a Pokemon card vending machine having a Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box. Apparently, this restock has been spotted in vending machines at multiple locations.

We don’t know if Hidden Fates is being reprinted but we at least have evidence it’s being restocked for MSRP at multiple locations. These products will most likely fly off the shelves and go by really fast so act quick if you see them and always try to leave some for others. Keep an eye out for any Hidden Fates products in stores and reply below where to find them to help others!

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