Official Pokemon Vending Machines Are Being Stocked With Rare TCG Products

PokePatch Pokemon Card TCG Vending Machine

The Pokemon TCG continues to see growth into 2022 with more and more people buying Pokemon cards across the world. In this market, with the demand so high, it’s difficult to find product on shelves at retail stores. Luckily, there’s another place you can search and look forward to if you live in the US. In certain states, the Pokemon Company is putting official vending machines specifically for Pokemon cards and TCG products. This also prevents theft as we’ve seen many open boxes on retail shelves.

Pokemon TCG Vending Machine Locations

The three states these vending machine kiosks are in right now are Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. You can find the full list of the specific locations on the official Pokemon Center website here.

Hard To Find Products

An interesting thing about these vending machines is they’re often found with TCG products that aren’t found on shelves anymore. For example Hidden Fates ETBs (Elite Trainer Boxes) have been found at multiple vending machine locations the past couple months. As many fans know, Hidden Fates is a TCG set from 2019 and is no longer being printed as far as we know. Regardless, it’s hard to find these products at MSRP or retail price but with these vending machines we can. As seen in the tweet above, you can see multiple Hidden Fates ETBs and Celebrations ETBs in one machine which can both be hard to find elsewhere. Another Twitter user claims they bought 6 Hidden Fates ETBs from a single kiosk location, so it seems there’s no limit to how many products you can buy from these vending machines. With this in mind, it’s first come first serve so don’t be surprised if some products are sold out and try to always leave some for others.

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