Pokemon TCG Set Shining Fates Might Be Getting Reprinted and Restocked

PokePatch Pokemon Shining Fates Reprint

Shining Fates Reprint 2022

Last year, a huge standalone set was released for the Pokemon TCG called Shining Fates. This set not only included Amazing Rares and very popular VMax cards but also had over 100 Pokemon cards featuring Shiny Pokemon. This was the first set to have Shiny Pokemon cards since the also popular set, Hidden Fates. Basically, this set became an instant hit because who doesn’t want Shiny Pokemon cards? And that still stands today so many people are asking when will shining fates restock? A lot of fans are looking to buy sets that include these Shiny Pokemon but they’re becoming increasingly expensive with a Hidden Fates ETB going for more than $150 at resale value. Luckily, Shining Fates doesn’t look like it’ll be that expensive anytime soon because we’re seeing a lot of retail stores restock Shining Fates ETBs close to MSRP or retail price.

Where To Buy Shining Fates

One of the best places to buy Shining Fates right now is GameStop. Not only will you be getting packs from a trusted source for a good price, PokePatch also earns commission from some orders, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

Is Shining Fates Being Reprinted?

The Shining Fates TCG set is clearly being restocked in several stores. At this point it seems very likely that a Shining Fates reprint may be happening. @SoKRISPY326 on Twitter reported that they found a GameStop that restocked on Shining Fates Elite Trainer boxes. I, myself, also found a ton of Shining Fates ETBs at a local card shop and they usually just get their inventory directly from Pokemon. If you’re someone who’s hunting for Shiny Pokemon cards, make sure to keep an eye out for these products when you’re out at the store because it’s becoming a lot more common.

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