Is The New Walmart Pokemon Mystery Box Worth It?

PokePatch are Pokemon Mystery Boxes worth it

Pokemon Mystery Box Walmart

Lately, new Pokemon Mystery Boxes are being sold at Walmarts and by resellers for hefty prices. I watched several PokeTubers open up these Pokemon mystery boxes on YouTube to see if anyone got vintage packs. Of course, this is just a small case study and doesn’t represent what you’ll get in these boxes but it gives you a good idea of what to expect from them. In total 36 of these boxes were opened, here’s what was pulled from them.

What Can You Get?

Most boxes come with 1 Vivid Voltage booster pack, 1 Chilling Reign pack, and 1 Darkness Ablaze pack. Out of the 36 boxes that were opened, 3 chase packs were pulled. This roughly matches what the box says the odds of pulling a chase pack is. On the bottom it reads “Chase pack seeded 1:10“. This means on average you’ll pull one chase pack out of every of these 10 boxes. The 3 chase packs that were pulled were Shining Fates, XY Steam Siege, and Shining Legends. It seems like there’s a wide variety of chase packs but they’re not necessarily vintage.

Are They Worth It?

An important thing to note is that these mystery boxes are about $20 retail. The 3 common packs that you get in these boxes are worth around $4 per pack. That’s an extra $8 for the chance to get a chase pack. On average you’d have to spend $200 to get a chase pack when you buy 10 boxes. But what are the chase packs worth? Well, there is a Base Set booster pack on the front of the box and if you pull that, you’ll easily get your money’s worth but not all chase packs are Base Set packs. Shining Fates is worth about $10, Steam Siege around $10, and Shining legends is roughly $30. Knowing this, I would rather buy vintage packs and open them instead of opening these mystery boxes. Not only are you getting what you want but you don’t have to worry about wasting money if you don’t pull a chase pack.


Here are the videos I went through to get this information. If you’d like to go through the videos and see reactions to the booster packs being pulled, the links will be below.

15 Boxes – PokeRev

10 Boxes – SmashCafe

5 Boxes – PokeCuz TCG

4 Boxes – PokePulch:

2 Boxes – Jay’s Poke Stop

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