The Best Pokemon Mystery Box to Buy

Pokepatch best Pokemon TCG card mystery box

If you’ve been collecting Pokemon cards for a while, you’ve probably heard of Pokemon card mystery boxes that have booster packs in them. Sometimes these boxes will have rare or vintage booster packs or cards inside them. The most common mystery boxes you’ll see around are the Walmart mystery boxes. These are surprisingly popular, but we looked into if these boxes are worth it, and it turns out they don’t give you a lot of good packs. What is the best mystery box for Pokemon cards?

Are Pokemon Mystery Boxes Worth It?

There are mystery boxes out there that have better odds but it’s important to keep in mind that it’s always a gamble. With any Pokemon mystery box in general, you may not get your money’s worth, regardless of where it’s from. But some mystery boxes have better odds or just better stuff in general compared to others. It’s important to know where or who you’re buying it from. If it’s just some seller on eBay, you might want to look at seller reviews before making a purchase and keep your expectations low. Try to buy Pokemon mystery boxes that are from a trusted source and are guaranteed to have something decent in them. Here are some good mystery boxes to look into!

Graded Slab Mystery Boxes

Instead of booster packs, try some mystery boxes that guarantee cool items like graded cards! This way, if you don’t get anything super expensive or rare, you’ll still have something that’s cool and collectable. This will guarantee that you get something so you don’t spend a bunch of money on some ordinary packs you could get for retail prices. Even a common PSA 10 card is better than a modern retail priced booster pack.

Rare Candy Mystery Box

A specific mystery box that you might want to look into is the new Rare Candy mystery box. Rare Candy is a upcoming trading platform for Pokemon cards and collectables that’s being built with the help of popular YouTuber, Leonhart. For this reason, their new mystery box is more reliable as you don’t have to worry about being scammed because it’s from a reliable source. Check out the video below for more information on this mystery box and how to get one.

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