Will Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have Rideable Legendaries?

Pokepatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ridable legendaries

We recently saw a trailer release for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Nintendo Switch games. In this trailer we saw several new game mechanics and Pokemon revealed. Among those Pokemon were the new Scarlet and Violet box Legendary Pokemon! These are the legendaries that you’ll be able to get in-game, depending on which game you buy. In Scarlet, you’ll get Koradion and with Violet, you’ll get Miraidon. There still isn’t much information on these Legendaries as they were just revealed but there are already many theories revolving around these two Pokemon. One question that keeps popping up is will we be able to ride Legendaries in Scarlet and Violet?

Pokepatch Koraidon
Koraidon from Pokemon Scarlet
Pokepatch Miraidon
Miraidon from Pokemon Violet

Will Legendaries be Rideable?

Even though, when the trailer came out there was no information about these Pokemon besides how they look, this theory quickly came up in the community because of their appearance and design. You’ll immediately notice that both Pokemon look like they have some sort of vehicle tire in their upper body. It’s more apparent in Koraidon, as it clearly looks like a motorcycle tire, while Miraidon looks like a futuristic style wheel. Miraidon also has jet engines at the bottom, which means it could be a flying mount and a ground mount. The same could be with Koraidon if it can fly using wings but we haven’t seen this yet.

Gas Station Pokecenter

Another detail seen in the trailer and other screenshots that supports this theory is the new Pokecenter, which is now more like a Pokestop. The new Pokecenters in Scarlet and Violet are outside of towns, unlike previous games where they’re usually in the center of town. They’ve also changed the design of the center to look like a gas station, instead of a small market store building like in the past.

Preorder Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

If you’re hyped about the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, now is the time to preorder. Pick Scarlet or Violet based on which Legendary you like more. Preordering from GameStop is reliable and PokePatch makes commission on qualifying purchases, so you’ll also be helping keep our website up. Thank you!

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