Pokemon 2022 TCG Illustration Contest Winners Announced!

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG illustration contest winners

If you remember, the Pokemon Company hosted an illustration contest this year and received hundreds of entries from artists across the world. The best art will have their illustration turned into a Pokemon card! This attracted amazing artists from all over the world to try to get their art onto Pokemon cards. After months of judging and debating, the winners of this contest have finally been announced.

Top 3 Winners

The top 3 winners of this illustration contest will be awarded $3,000 and have their art be turned into official Pokemon cards. There’s no news on when these will be turned into cards, but they will be released into the public as promo cards in the future! Here are the winners. Which is your favorite?

Overall Best: REND
Japan Best: Kasai Taiga
U.S. Best: Julie Hang

Excellent Work Awards

These two illutrations were awarded $1000 as runner-ups. Sadly, they will not become Pokemon cards, but they look amazing and we’re glad the artists are getting the recognition they deserve! Out of all of the art, there are just too many great drawings and it’s difficult to pick a favorite. That’s why there were more awards given out than initially anticipated.

Excellent Work: RossDraws
Excellent Work: Mingo

Jury Prizes

There were also 15 more honorable mentions. The judges awarded these 15 illustrators a prize of $500 each. Even though, they didn’t win the competition, all of these submissions are stunning pieces of art. To see all of the honorable mentions, visit the official website here.

Which illustration is your favorite, and which one are you excited to get as a promo card? Let us know in the comments below!

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