Astral Radiance Error Cards from New Pokemon TCG Set

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG Astral Radiance error cards

The newest set in the Pokemon TCG, Astral Radiance, is out now and error cards are finally surfacing as more people open packs. Something we’ve seen a lot is pull rates have been so good for some collectors, that they think they have an error booster box because they’re pulling so many chase cards, when its actually just good luck mixed with good odds. Here are some actual error packs and error cards from Astral Radiance.

Peeling Holo Damage

Hisuian Liligant V damaged card via Reddit

There have been multiple fans reporting that they’ve pulled cards that have some of the holo peeled off the card. This is not a result of people trying to find the new peelable Ditto cards, but it looks to be a manufacturing error. It’s usually on the bottom of the card. When you pull an alt art card, this is probably the last thing you want to see because it’s more just damage than a collectable error card.

Pokemon GO Cards in Astral Radiance Packs

The biggest error we’ve seen in Astral Radiance is Pokemon GO cards. Many fans have claimed to have pulled unreleased Pokemon GO cards from Astral Radiance packs. This isn’t something we normally see with other sets, so it makes you wonder how these cards got into packs and onto shelves. Maybe it’s on purpose to promote the upcoming set, an employee sneaking these in, or a complete accident. We may never know.

Miscut Cards

Miscut Grass Energy via Reddit

Off center and miscut cards are the most common type of error card you’ll come across in the Pokemon TCG. We’ve seen quite a few miscut cards from Astral Radiance, but my favorite is grass energy that looks like it wasn’t just off center but also rotated 45 degrees before it was cut. When the miscut is this extreme, it’s actually pretty rare and can be worth money to some collectors.

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