What’s Included in Pokemon Prerelease Boxes

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG prerelease box

If you’ve been collecting Pokemon cards and buying booster packs for a while, you may have noticed Pokemon Prerelease boxes on shelves at your local card shops. These boxes usually come out before the set release date to give players a taste of what’s to come. But what is a Pokemon Prerelease box and what does it come with?

What’s in a Prerelease Box?

Inside you’ll find a competitive deck of Pokemon cards from the newest set so you can play the TCG with these new cards. It also comes with 3 booster packs of the same set. This is good especially for players of the Pokemon TCG but not so great for collectors. Here’s why.

Are Prerelease Boxes Worth It?

If you want to open packs early, before the new set comes out then this is an option for you but keep in mind it might not be worth it. At $20, you’re paying about $6.50 per booster pack. For the price, it might be better to wait until the set releases to open booster packs because on release, you can get them for under $4 per pack. For competitive players this could be a good option to get ahead of the competition. With this new deck, you can test out different new cards and practice before the set releases.

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