Is Pokemon Legends Arceus Worth It?

Pokepatch is Pokemon Legends Arceus worth it

This article contains no spoilers for Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus has been one of the most popular Pokemon games since Sword and Shield and for good reasons. It brings players to a time and place never seen before and introduces several gameplay elements that differ from the usual Pokemon experience. But before you buy Pokemon Legends Arceus, it’s good to know is it worth it?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Reviews

A common opinion in the Pokemon community is that Pokemon Legends Arceus was an amazing game and brought innovation to the franchise but still had some lackluster parts to it. For example, there’s not much to do outside of shiny hunting once you’ve completed the game. During the game though, there is plenty of content to explore and will take you around 25 hours to complete. Even critics and players outside of the community have given Legends Arceus good reviews overall. With an average score of 8/10 among large game journalists, it’s safe to say this is a generally good game. One criticism that’s often brought up is some of the environments seen can feel very similar and boring. That’s not to say there aren’t super exciting places to explore but this game just makes you want more than there is.

Is It Worth It?

It really depends on what type of games you like to play. Luckily, Legends Arceus is a mix of turn based strategy and fast paced exploration. Between the intense Pokemon battles and the first taste of catching Pokemon in an open world, it’s really the perfect balance. For this reason, it’s the one Pokemon game I would recommend to people who have never played Pokemon before and definitely a game every Pokemon fan should try out. It’s far from a perfect game but it’s a fun step in the right direction for the franchise as a whole. Maybe a future game such as the upcoming Scarlet and Violet will be the one.

Buy Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you’d like to try out Pokemon Legends Arceus, a great place to get the game is at GameStop! For a preowned copy, you’ll get a discount and PokePatch earns a commision for qualifying purchases, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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