Original Pokemon Snap Game Coming to Nintendo Switch!

Pokepatch Old Pokemon Snap on Switch

It’s been more than 20 years since we got the original Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo 64 and fans of Pokemon everywhere loved it. Luckily for fans that want to re-experience that gameplay, you’ll be able to without buying a 20 year old console. The Nintendo of America Twitter announced that the Old Pokemon Snap game from the Nintendo 64 will be coming to Nintendo Switch on 6/24. This seemingly will be running on the Switch through a N64 emulator and not a remake of the game. A remake was already made of Pokemon Snap but some fans still want that nostalgic fix.

How to Download N64 Pokemon Snap

This Old Pokemon Snap game will be available to download on Switch after July 24th. According to the tweet, it may be exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack members only. This Expansion Pack membership costs about $50 for 12 months, which is about $30 more than the regular membership. This membership comes with a lot more than just N64 Pokemon Snap and if you’re a fan of other old games or expansion packs for new games it might be worth it.

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