Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Graphics Compared To Past Games

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet graphics comparison

Recently we saw the first glimpse of the 9th generation Pokemon game! This was a pleasant surprise for many fans as we just got the release of Pokemon Legends Arceus and now we have something else to look forward to. We got to see several environmental scenes of this Gen 9 Pokemon game and it looks promising. Something that has always concerned fans and haters of Pokemon games are the graphics. Most people say the graphics are never up to standards while others say people are too critical on them and should be focused on gameplay. Let’s take a look at the new graphics for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and see if those concerns are valid.

Improved Textures

The most noticeable improvement in the graphics for this upcoming game are the textures. Fans noticed immediately after the trailer was released that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seem to have higher resolution textures and softer lighting.

Graphics Compared To Sword & Shield

Reddit user u/Minnale101 made some fantastic comparisons from screenshots of the trailer and screenshots of Sword & Shield gameplay. You can clearly see the improvement in these images. The character models of the Pokemon have more depth and the soft lighting doesn’t make it look flat. Some would say they like the art style of Sword & Shield more but it’s undeniable that the graphics have improved overall between generations.

Magnemite from Pokemon Sword & Shield compared to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Lucario from Pokemon Sword & Shield compared to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Graphics Compared to Pokemon Legends Arceus

Some fans say they’re surprised that the graphics between these two games have improved in such a short amount of time. It’s good to note that it’s likely that different teams were working on these two games and the end goal for each title was different. Pokemon Legends Arceus explored game mechanics we’ve never seen introduced to a Pokemon game before and a lot of developer time was spent on that. With Scarlet & Violet, there’s probably a larger team, longer development period, and different focuses. With this being said, there is also a big difference, graphically, here as well. You can see more foliage and vibrancy in the new game.

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