Fan Theories About New Stone in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet new Stone Theory

Pokemon’s 9th generation was recently announced in a short trailer. The new upcoming Pokemon games are Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet and it’s clearly already looking better than previous titles. Aside from the general improvements of graphics, every Pokemon game also has a new gimmick. A gimmick is usually referred to as a new gameplay mechanic in the Pokemon TCG or video games that differentiates it from the previous generations. So what is Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s gimmick?

VStar Cards Could Hint At Gen 9 Gimmick

The first place we should look ironically isn’t at the new gameplay footage, but to the Pokemon TCG. VStar cards were recently introduced in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. A new type of rare, holographic card. This is strange timing considering we’re coming to the end of the Sword & Shield generation. So why would they all the sudden add another type of card? While V cards are parallel to Dynamax Pokemon in the game and VMAX cards are related to Gigantamax Pokemon in the game, VStar doesn’t have a correlation so far. It’s very possible VSTAR will be comparable to a game mechanic introduced in the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games!

Star Light Gimmick

A Reddit user by the name of u/Late_Ease4636 pointed out that the Japanese logos for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a 6 pointed star icon. This is similar to what we’ve seen in previous games and this icon usually references a stone in game that’s used for the game’s gimmick. If that stays true then this star icon is related to a new game mechanic being introduced in Gen 9. But the real question is what will the new gimmick or game mechanic be?

The star icon in the Japanese logo for Pokemon Scarlet

The popular theory right now is that this star will be able to temporarily change or a Pokemon’s move type. For example if your Lapras (water) is battling a Venusaur (grass) you’ll be able to use this Star item to change your water type moves into Fire type so it’s super effective against your opponent. To back up this theory, some fans have pointed out that the types of Pokemon can be compared to a light spectrum because each type is associated with a different color. Scarlet and Violet are at opposite ends of the visible light spectrum and the logos designs may represent the wavelengths of these colors.

Again, this is all just a theory and the release for these games are still far away. We’re not sure if this is the plan for the next generation of Pokemon but it’s starting to look like a good possibility and seems really interesting if true! This game mechanic could also effect the Pokemon’s TCG. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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