Will VStar Cards be in Scarlet & Violet Pokemon TCG Sets?

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet VStar cards in TCG

So many Pokemon TCG sets are releasing nowadays but it seems we’re coming to the end of the 8th Generation. Recently a trailer was released showing the upcoming mainline Pokemon games, Scarlet & Violet. For the TCG, this means the Sword & Shield expansions will retire soon and we’ll begin seeing Gen 9 TCG sets. Before Scarlet & Violet expansions release we’re already seeing new types of cards such as VSTAR popping up. Will these new VSTAR cards be in the future Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG sets as well?

Why VStar Cards Could Be In Gen 9

The Sword & Shield TCG expansion and generation is ending soon. It’s strange that VStar cards were introduced so late into the 8th Generation. Not only is this a new type of card but VStar could be our first introduction to Pokemon Gen 9’s gimmick without anyone realizing. If this is true, this isn’t the first time this has happened. In 2012, Black and White introduced a new type of card called EX. Even through these EX cards started in Black and White, they were also put in the next generation XY sets. The same thing could be happening with VSTAR cards.

Theories and Hints

There are more hints as to why VSTAR is more related to Scarlet & Violet and has nothing to do with Sword & Shield. There’s a lot of information that fans have realized since the release of the Pokemom Scarlet and Violet trailer. One of the most important details is in the Japanese logo for Scarlet & Violet. They both contain a star icon that could be a new stone in Gen 9. Is this star that “VSTAR” is referring to? We’ve collected much more information and theories on this new Gimmick here.

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