When Will Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Game & TCG Come Out?

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date

When is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Coming Out

Recently, a trailer was released by Nintendo, announcing the next generation Pokemon game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! Fans are hyped about this upcoming game but are cautious because Pokemon Legends Arceus may have changed Pokemon games forever. We’ll have to wait and see what features they decide to keep from the recent Pokemon game and what they decide to toss. At the end of the announcement trailer we see “Late 2022” as a release date. But when is the actual release date?

When Will Scarlet & Violet Release? (Game)

When does Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come out? For the Switch titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date is November 18th. This is the usual timeframe when Pokemon games release as the last 6 Pokemon game, excluding Pokemon Legends Arceus, came out between November 15th and November 21st in North America as well.

Release Date of Scarlet & Violet Base Set (TCG)

For the Pokemon TCG, it’s a little different. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet marks the beginning of Gen 9 and the next generation of Pokemon games. This means the TCG will follow along and we’ll see a new generation of TCG sets soon, ending the era of Pokemon Sword and Shield. The past three Base Sets for Pokemon TCG expansions came out between Feburary 3rd and Feburary 7th. The TCG sets always come out after the games are released so fans have time to discover new Pokemon and gimmicks without spoilers but Japan usually sees these before they get printed in English. Just as a reminder, all of this is just a prediction based on information from previous Pokemon generations.

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