These Cheap Vintage Pokemon Packs Are Selling For $3

PokePatch Pokemon cheap vintage packs

Vintage Pokemon cards and Pokemon products are a hot commodity and are only getting more rare as fans are opening old packs. Most old Pokemon packs that come from the 1990s or even early 2000s can go for hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars. But there’s a specific Pokemon product that’s been popping up online and at LCS lately and it’s cheaper than a modern pack of Pokemon cards.

The Cheapest Vintage Pokemon Product

cheap vintage pokemon pack 1999 topps stickers

The cheapest vintage packs you’ll find are likely the 1999 Topps Merlin Sticker packs. These are selling for around $3 per pack. Even though these don’t contain Pokemon cards, they’re still more than 20 years old and a lot of fun to open. They contain 6 stickers of Pokemon and Trainers and if you get lucky, you’ll find holographic stickers. They’re very old but why are they so cheap? We haven’t been able to find specific information about why these are so cheap but it’s likely that these were over printed in the 90s and people were buying cards instead of stickers. Because of this, there’s still a large supply of sealed packs.

You can often find these packs online from third party sellers or at local card shops. As of now, they’re still pretty common but in the future, they may become more rare and more valuable.

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